404 Extreme Giving Challenge

Extreme Giving Challenge

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, thousands of families across New York and New Jersey faced the devastating loss of their homes, their belongings, and for some their pets and loved ones.

In a matter of hours, life as they knew it would never be the same. The financial and emotional price to be paid is far greater than most can comprehend. It is at times like these that the strength of the human spirit is put to the test. To rebuild their lives, it will take a wellspring of strength and courage to move forward day after day.

The Cerami family of Union Beach, NJ lost their home and everything in it. I am intimately connected with this family though my business, CrossFit Westfield. Enza, Tommy and their two children Marina (2) and Elena (4) have been on the move staying with family and in a hotel since the storm. The year to come will be about rebuilding and starting over, and there is no doubt that the Cerami’s are already feeling a loss of hope, the most important ingredient in moving forward.

Financial assistance from insurance and FEMA will not cover the cost of rebuilding their home and replacing their belongings. They will be facing a sizeable financial gap that will be well in excess of low six figures. I have founded and created The Extreme Giving Challenge to alleviate some of the financial burden that they will face. This family’s courage, faith and strength of character will be called upon time after time in the months to come.

True to its name, the “Extreme Giving Challenge” is a fundraising challenge of extremes. As the owner of CrossFit Westfield and Bikram Yoga Westfield I am personally committing myself to a 30 day challenge of Bikram Yoga, CrossFit and downhill skiing. Bikram Yoga is a demanding style of yoga done in a heated room (105 degrees). Not only are the yoga postures themselves challenging, but battling the heat for 90 minutes is the true test of survival. CrossFit, a well known strength and conditioning program is not for the feint of heart. It is the preferred method of training for the Armed Forces, police and fire battalions. Its intense work outs not only build strength in the physical form, but also build strength of character and community. Downhill skiing is a sport of extremes; extreme elements- cold, wind and snow, extreme skill and extreme terrain. The common denominator between Bikram Yoga, CrossFit, and skiing are their physical demand and the prerequisite of mental toughness.

This challenge is exciting as well as daunting. Never have I done all three disciplines in one day, let alone for 30 consecutive days. I am ready and willing to accept this challenge in order to support the Cerami family in their effort to rebuild and reclaim their family’s life. My portion of the Extreme Giving Challenge will take place this coming February in Park City, Utah where CrossFit Park City, Hot Yoga Park City, and multiple ski areas are located and are supporting the challenge. Simultaneously, members and families of CrossFit Westfield and Bikram Yoga Westfield will be embarking on their own individual 30 day challenges. Each athlete will commit to a physical challenge for the duration. They will push themselves beyond their limits through extreme physical tests in order to raise funds for the Cerami family.

Our goal is to raise $15,000.00 in order to make this fundraising challenge a success, and to support the Cerami’s on their road to recovery. One hundred percent of the funds raised will go directly to the Cerami family. We are asking for your support by making a donation to the Extreme Giving Challenge. Every donation is the necessary fuel to reignite hope. On behalf of the Cerami family, thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.


Ginger Comstock
Owner CrossFit Westfield
Owner Bikram Yoga Westfield